Festina Lente Home

Handmade in Italy

Each Festina Lente Home product is handmade in Italy with love.


The Founder

Marta was born and raised in Italy. She founded Festina Lente Home in 2017 when she started making candles in her kitchen in New York.

She mixed scents that reminded her of simple moments of her life in Italy: a stroll in the woods, a visit to the museum, fresh laundry hanging on a balcony blooming with flowers.

Now she lives with her family in Milan and her love for her country is truly Made in Italy.

Festina Lente Home Logo

A Family Affair

The logo of all our products was designed by Marta’s mother, a talented artist. It comes from a series of gold coins minted for Emperor Augustus in ancient Rome with the images of a crab and a butterfly.

The crab needs the butterfly’s colorful wings to rise above its limits. The butterfly depends on the crab to be grounded and supported.

Be driven, but don’t rush.
Have a plan, but take your time.
Do things well and enjoy yourself.